BEDN #8 A Day in the Life of

This is the post I was most looking forward to reading on other people’s blogs, mainly because I am nosey but also because I think it’s nice to have a peek into other people’s lives. See how the other half live if you will.

For those who don’t know me, I am a mum to Little Lady who is 6 and baby D who is 2 next week. (EEK!) I work for the Presbyterian Church as a youth worker and I am very lucky that I am able to fit my work around my family life. Little lady is in school full time and baby D goes to a childminder one day a week for me to get planning/paperwork done. Other days I work in the evenings once the kiddies are in bed. Today I was very lucky that he had an extra day at the childminders meaning I had a “free day” and didn’t have to sit down at my desk all day.

Welcome to my day.

Our morning routine is pretty much the same everyday as we need to be out of the house by 8.30am to get Little lady to school on time. My alarm goes off at 7am and I am always tempted to hit the snooze button. However, the days that I do, we are late for school so I can’t.

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

So my alarm goes off, I go down stairs, trying to climb over the stair gate quietly like I’m Catherine Zeta-Jones practicing dodging lasers in that film in a castle with the guy from Silence of the Lambs. I make lunches, have a quick shower and wash my hair. I go back upstairs, get dressed, wake the tribe and make my bed before going back downstairs for breakfasts, hair brushing, teeth cleaning, uniforms etc. Little lady’s school held a Grandparent’s day today so she could wear what she wanted (she chose her tinkerbell trainers) and my mum came down to take her to school so I didn’t need to do the school run this morning. 😀

Once everyone was out of the house I did a bit of housework and went down the garden to check on the plants and water the greenhouse. I was gutted to see that the wind has well and truly ripped the plastic cover. The door is pretty much hanging off. I may well need to relocate the plants that are still in there and put it down before buying a new one next year. Unfortunately buying a new greenhouse will be cheaper than just replacing the cover.


Housework and greenhouse

After a quick cup of tea I got in the car and drove to the cancer hospital in Cardiff. I am running 10k a week Sunday raising money for men’s cancers and my sponsorship money will go to this hospital who were fabulous when my dad died there almost 20 years ago. In return they offered me a free t shirt to run in. Never one to say no to a freebie this was well worth the trip.

Velindre Cancer Hospital

Velindre Cancer Hospital

Here is me wearing my new t shirt. It took me ages to get a decent selfie. How do other people get a good picture without looking like a muppet? Answers on a postcard please. I do like the t shirt though.

In two weeks time I am, along with a group of others, taking the real Christmas story into local schools and I had been emailed the script I need to learn and the running order. As I had a bit of time today I decided to go upstairs to my office…*cough..the spare room…cough*…. and print them out.

Work and organising

Work and organising

While I was up there I decided I would do some organising and decluttering. The empty shelves you see in the picture? They are DVD racks that we never use. After raiding hubby’s tool box I found an allen key and took two out of the three apart and put them ready to go out/up in the attic. Whichever seems easiest at the time. We also have a big bookcase in the other alcove and I organised the shelves so that they look tidier, I can see what I need more easily, and it meant the floor is clearer now as all those books you see (and more) were in a pile on the floor (oops).

While I was busy upstairs I managed to fit in some step aerobics thanks to the postman and parcel force. Two deliveries at separate times although I didn’t mind too much as they are exciting parcels.

Exciting things

Exciting things

The one on the left is hubby’s birthday present and the one on the right contains 40 advent calenders for the youth at church.

I leave the house just after 3pm to pick up Little lady from school. It has rained for 2 days now so the walk was a bit muddy to say the least.

Muddy school run and overflowing river

Muddy school run and overflowing river

The river we cross was very high too!

Little lady collected from school, then on to collect baby D from the childminder before coming home for some playing time (them not me 😦 ) while I made tea. We had a lazy evening with no bath before bed. This happens most Friday nights as both usually have one on a Saturday morning anyway.

6.30pm starts bedtime routine and both kiddies are in their pyjamas. Little lady gets a choice of watching a short DVD, something on YouTube, or quiet play while I put baby D to bed and then once he is asleep, she goes up for a bedtime story. 

Bedtime bliss

Bedtime bliss

How cute are they? Some days this is my favourite time of the day. Now to enjoy some me time before hubby gets home from work.

Sleep tight my lovelies. Mammy loves you both millions and millions x

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