BEDN #6 National Stress Awareness Day

Well what an apt start to National Stress Awareness day! Baby D didn’t sleep much last night which meant neither did I. He was grumpy due to being tired, he has a cold and a cough so is also feeling sorry for himself. Little lady was on a go-slow this morning and to top it off I had a lot to do today so wanted to be out of the door in time to get back from the school run to sort everything out before I had to go out again.

As it happened baby D cried at everything, little lady kept telling me that her brother was crying (as if I didn’t know), we ran out of butter for sandwiches and I couldn’t find any money for fruit!

By the time we stepped out of the door we were late for school so I had to take the car, I bundled a still crying toddler into the car to a repeat chorus of “mam, he’s still crying!” We got to school and to avoid setting baby D off crying again I decided not to get him out of the car. This meant letting little lady go into school by herself. Now I know this sounds stupid but I like to take her to the door, or at least to within 10feet of the door so I know she has gone in okay. Today in an already stressed state in a choice between a crying baby or letting a 6year old go to school by herself (that’s how it felt to me) I had to let little lady walk across the yard and around the corner by herself. This may not sound much but to me it was HUGE!! I felt like crying!

This morning I dealt with the stress by putting it to the back of my mind as I had so much to do I didn’t have time to sit in the car and cry! This isn’t usually how I deal with stress, however, usually I tend to deal with stress by eating, crying and/or telling myself how rubbish I am at everything. Beating myself up mentally and listing all my shortcomings are definitely the main ways I react to stress. It also has something to do with the extra stone I’m carrying around my middle. Hubby tells me that I shouldn’t worry as much but I can’t help it. Even when everything is fine I still find myself worrying that something will happen or go wrong.

Am I the only one who does this or does anyone else worry constantly?

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