BEDN #5 Woodland Wedding

Today’s topic is supposed to be Bonfire Night but due to the storms on the weekend we didn’t go to the firework display at the Castle like we normally do. We have been invited to another firework display but that isn’t until the weekend which will be a bit late for this post, so I’m going off topic today and I’m going to tell you about the fantastic time we had at the end of last month when we were lucky enough to be invited to a woodland wedding.

The beautiful Fay got married in a beautiful forest in Scotland.

We had never been as far north as Scotland before so we were very excited to see this sign

We took a detour to make sure we crossed the Forth road bridge

As for the actual wedding itself we were asked to come dressed in wellies.

And little lady went dressed as a woodland fairy

The forest was beautiful and hubby was pleased as just after the ceremony he met some kayakers about to get in the water behind us


We had a fantastic time and I haven’t really shown you the best photos yet as they are still on my camera’s memory card! These are just ones I took with my phone. Why not pop over to Fay’s blog or Robyn’s blog to see much better photos?

I’ll be back on topic tomorrow.

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