BEDN #4 Food glorious Food

Food is the main topic of conversation here in the lifetimeofdiy household at the moment. Hubby and I are trying to lose weight so we are counting point values of food. I am struggling if I’m honest because I’m a snacker and I prefer to eat little and often rather than sit down for a meal. Unfortunately I’ve found that what I snack on have quite high point values so I am trying to eat proper meals which are being bulked out by veg as the first week I felt hungry all the time.

Last week it was slightly easier. Probably because I was starting to get used to eating differently but also because I was given a huge pumpkin from my step dad’s allotment. It made pumpkin pie which was quite high in points (double cream in the pie and whipped cream on the side ahem!) but the pumpkin was so big it also made gallons of soup. I froze some but there is only so much pumpkin soup we can eat so we gave some to my parents. Only fair really as the pumpkin came from them in the first place.

This Sunday we went to my parents for Sunday dinner and my mum gave me soup she had made from leftover veg as a swap for the pumpkin soup. It was so nice we decided to make our own. We made carrot and swede soup as that was what we had and this is how we made it:

Chop a small onion (ours was home grown) and put in a big pan with a blob of butter (that’s a technical term you know 😉 )
Fry gently for about 5minutes then put 2 chopped carrots (also home grown yay!) and a chopped up small swede (shop bought sorry) in the pan.
Add enough stock to cover the veg and simmer for about 20minutes (until the veg is soft)
Allow to cool then blend.

We divided it up into single portions and frozen some. Yummy on a chilly autumn evening. And the best part – it’s all veg so no point value 😀


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