BEDN #2 Something I’ve made

Day 2 and this was actually something I was planning on blogging about anyway so didn’t take too much thought.

Thursday (as I’m sure most of you are aware) was Halloween. As Christians we don’t actually celebrate Halloween but it has become so mainstream now that it is hard to get away from all the parties and the trick or treating going on. It isn’t really fair for the kiddies to have to miss out especially when there are sweets and parties going on! So for the last few years a number of churches in town have got together to hold a Hallelujah party on the same night meaning that the kids still get to dress up and go to a party (and have lots of sweets 😉 ) without having to get involved with all the Halloweeny stuff.

Little lady decided she was going to go as an angel but changed her mind at the last minute and went as a beautiful ballerina instead. Both hubby and baby D went as Superman after I bought them both (yes that’s right – both of them) Superman pyjamas!! Baby D had a detachable cape on his too! He looked so cute and scrummy!

That just left me. I raided my fabric stash and found some lovely fabric that I had bought months ago but never got round to using. Thursday morning I got out my sewing machine and set to work. I used a pattern I had made for myself back last year, a zip and lining material from my stash and two hours later I had a finished dress. The neckline isn’t quite right but didn’t look too bad after I put a long sleeved top on underneath (it was cold and the dress was sleeveless). In hindsight I think I need to re-jig the pattern slightly and I do wonder if the dress would have looked better if I had bound the armholes with black bias binding to give it a bolder edge.

Even with these issues I felt comfortable in the dress and would definitely wear it again. I didn’t even mind when people asked if it was handmade so I may have actually learnt something from my life lesson. I even feel better about posting the photo. Okay I have left it til the end as I am not completely confident yet but I’m not dreading it either. So here it is – something I made.


7 thoughts on “BEDN #2 Something I’ve made

  1. We didn’t do anything for Halloween though i did see a post on Facebook about how a Halloween pumpkin is like being a Christian. When we ask Jesus to come into our life he scoops out all the bad stuff (greed, jealousy hate etc) and puts a light inside us for all to see him shining through our actions.

    • I’ve never heard that before. That’s pretty clever. Mainly we don’t celebrate because Halloween celebrates evil spirits although I have read that it could be taken as a representation of judgement day but I’m not convinced by that.

      I loved your little crochet pumpkins on your blog. They were lovely.

      • This was the 1st year I’d heard of it. Halloween has become more commercial so it’s hard with kids to avoid it. Miss P had a Halloween school disco but she went as Rapunzel.

      • It is so commercial and it’s not really fair for the kids to miss out hence the success of the Hallelujah party. Thankfully little lady’s school didn’t have a disco so it didn’t come up. Rapunzel was a good alternative though 🙂

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