Pattern sale

We have been decluttering here in the alifetimeofdiy household. I have touched on this subject before here and in this post I told you how I had quite a lot of craft items that I needed to get rid of.

Over the years I have bought a lot of sewing patterns, only for most of them to lie in a box unused after I learnt to draft my own patterns. In the interests of decluttering, here I am offering some of those patterns for sale. Most of them are unused and the ones that have been used have been traced and refolded neatly (following the original fold lines) back into the envelope unless otherwise stated.

The patterns are £3.50 each plus £1p&p. If you are interested in any of the patterns please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or contact me on twitter @mehubbyandkids thank you.

Simplicity 7231

Simplicity Easy 4917

Sewing for Dummies 5744

burda 9830

burda 8321 size 6-18

Simplicity easy chic 4369 size 8-16 The top that comes in this pattern has two shoulder straps. View A has a slight tear where a sticker was peeled off making it look like it only has one strap. The pattern itself is in no way affected.

burda 8561 size 8-20

burda 2590 size 8-20

Simplicity 5097 size 12-18

Sewing for Dummies 5592 size 8-14

Vogue V8473 Size 14-20

Simplicity 4578 Size 6-12

New Look 6464 Size 8-18

Simplicity 5304 Size 12-18

burda 8827 Size 36-48

Simplicity 4989

Simplicity easy 4526 Size 6-16

Bellville Sassoon Vogue Designer Original V2880 Size 10-14

Tom and Linda Platt Vogue American Designer V2847 Size 12-16

Vogue V1042 Size 14-20

Bellville Sassoon Vogue Designer Original 2481 Size 14-18

burda start 3168 Size 18m-10yrs

Simplicity 4015 Size 10-16

8 thoughts on “Pattern sale

  1. Hello! I see this post is from several months ago, but I’ve been hunting for one of the patterns above for some time. I would love to buy the Burda 8827 pattern for men’s t-shirt/hoodie. The only problem is I live in New Zealand. I’m happy to pay extra for postage of course, if we can figure out a way for me to get the money to you!

    Of course I do understand if it’s not available anymore.



      • Definitely still interested! My email address is theflyingdougman(at)gmail(dot)com

        It turns out I’m actually coming to the UK in August, so it might make sense for me to get it posted to my mate’s place in Oxford. But we can figure that out via email. Thanks for getting back to me!

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