As I mentioned in this post we have finally made progress with the fireplace. Last week the plaster had finally dried enough for us to paint it. To be honest it only took 2 coats of watered down paint to cover the new plaster as it was so close to the paint colour anyway. It would probably only have taken one coat of paint if we hadn’t been advised to water it down by the plasterer.

So drum roll please…… Ta-da

Okay it wasn’t the open fire I had imagined but this is as close as I can get and I think it’s lovely. It does need a bit of colour on the mantlepiece I think but I need a little bit of time to decide how I’m going to achieve that. We have also decided on the hearth but we couldn’t get the size we needed so that will also have to wait. Apart from that I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I think it is quite lovely.

Oh and before I go I’ve got another ta-da to show you. Yes I have finally finished the curtains. Here they are – one of a kind, inexpensive, hand embroidered curtains:


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