End of term

Well it’s mid July and that can only mean one thing – end of school for the summer. And guess what? It is actually feeling like summer. The sun has been out for about 2 weeks now I think. End of term is very busy for teachers and pupils and while I am neither this last week has been so busy with sports day, summer fair and last day sadness for little lady.

These days it seems to be the norm to give a gift to your child’s teacher as a thank you. I am not really sure why, it was never done when I was in school (oh dear I think I just turned into my mother!!). Last year, little lady had one teacher and 2 teaching assistants in the nursery class. I bought inexpensive (read cheap) mugs from a supermarket, prettied them up with hand knitted mug cosies, added 2 sachets of hot chocolate and a mini whisk. They seemed to go down very well but I didn’t feel like I could do the same again this year. I don’t really want to be *that* mum at school so I needed a new idea. A quick search on the Internet turned up quite a lot of (American) blogs telling me that teachers do not want mugs, chocolate or sweets! WHAT??? Really?? A frantic text to my teacher friend revealed that she loves being given any (or all 😉 ) of those three, as do the other teachers in her school. Still I was feeling slightly unnerved.

I eventually decided (using my fantastic knowledge of teachers haha!) that little lady’s teacher and TA would love a nice notebook. Teachers use them all the time. Don’t they?? I bought 2 inexpensive notebooks and a pack of spotty pens. Wouldn’t have minded them myself if I’m honest. I covered the notebooks with fabric and little lady wrote a little thank you note on the first page of each. Once done though, I felt it looked a bit cheap – it was only a notebook and pen after all – so I made a little bag for the notebooks to go in.

The result:

(Picture taken about 11.45pm the night before they had to go into school)

I am pleased to say I had a very lovely message on Facebook thanking me for the gifts so I think it’s fair to say they liked them. Next year however, I will be more organised. I promise.

1 thought on “End of term

  1. Hi. I came across your blog via Twitter. This a great idea for a teacher present, I must remember this for next year.

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