As I mentioned in this post we have finally made progress with the fireplace. Last week the plaster had finally dried enough for us to paint it. To be honest it only took 2 coats of watered down paint to cover the new plaster as it was so close to the paint colour anyway. It would probably only have taken one coat of paint if we hadn’t been advised to water it down by the plasterer.

So drum roll please…… Ta-da

Okay it wasn’t the open fire I had imagined but this is as close as I can get and I think it’s lovely. It does need a bit of colour on the mantlepiece I think but I need a little bit of time to decide how I’m going to achieve that. We have also decided on the hearth but we couldn’t get the size we needed so that will also have to wait. Apart from that I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I think it is quite lovely.

Oh and before I go I’ve got another ta-da to show you. Yes I have finally finished the curtains. Here they are – one of a kind, inexpensive, hand embroidered curtains:


End of term

Well it’s mid July and that can only mean one thing – end of school for the summer. And guess what? It is actually feeling like summer. The sun has been out for about 2 weeks now I think. End of term is very busy for teachers and pupils and while I am neither this last week has been so busy with sports day, summer fair and last day sadness for little lady.

These days it seems to be the norm to give a gift to your child’s teacher as a thank you. I am not really sure why, it was never done when I was in school (oh dear I think I just turned into my mother!!). Last year, little lady had one teacher and 2 teaching assistants in the nursery class. I bought inexpensive (read cheap) mugs from a supermarket, prettied them up with hand knitted mug cosies, added 2 sachets of hot chocolate and a mini whisk. They seemed to go down very well but I didn’t feel like I could do the same again this year. I don’t really want to be *that* mum at school so I needed a new idea. A quick search on the Internet turned up quite a lot of (American) blogs telling me that teachers do not want mugs, chocolate or sweets! WHAT??? Really?? A frantic text to my teacher friend revealed that she loves being given any (or all 😉 ) of those three, as do the other teachers in her school. Still I was feeling slightly unnerved.

I eventually decided (using my fantastic knowledge of teachers haha!) that little lady’s teacher and TA would love a nice notebook. Teachers use them all the time. Don’t they?? I bought 2 inexpensive notebooks and a pack of spotty pens. Wouldn’t have minded them myself if I’m honest. I covered the notebooks with fabric and little lady wrote a little thank you note on the first page of each. Once done though, I felt it looked a bit cheap – it was only a notebook and pen after all – so I made a little bag for the notebooks to go in.

The result:

(Picture taken about 11.45pm the night before they had to go into school)

I am pleased to say I had a very lovely message on Facebook thanking me for the gifts so I think it’s fair to say they liked them. Next year however, I will be more organised. I promise.

Getting somewhere

Wow! It’s been over a year since I mentioned the fireplace last. You can read the first two posts here and here if you missed them the first time around. I’m sure you are all dying to know what’s happened to the fireplace in the last 12 months aren’t you??

First off hubby made the hole bigger. If you remember the hole wasn’t central to the breast so that was rectified. Then he boarded it out. Here it is looking festive (ish) at Christmas.

Then it pretty much stayed like that til last month. I was getting pretty fed up with hubby promising to fill the hole at the bottom and plaster it all and then not doing it so I took matters into my own hands. (No I didn’t do it myself I’m afraid!)

The house across the road is being completely renovated, so last month, after being challenged to Just Do It – finish a project that has been lingering for a while – I went over and asked the plasterer working there to come and give me a quote.

The quote was reasonable so the following week he came and plastered the fireplace.

At the moment we are waiting for the plaster to dry so that we can paint it and put the fire surround back. I have to say its looking pretty good and now it’s starting to dry the plaster almost matches the colour of the paint already there!!

Exciting times. I’m hoping to do a proper “ta-da” post by the end of the month. I can’t wait 🙂