As the deer pants

A while ago hubby came home from work with an invite to a 25th wedding anniversary. As we very rarely go out on our own we decided to go. My mum agreed to babysit the little monsters our fantastic kiddies and even said they could stay the night with her.

Then the dilemma came. You know the one. The one, as women, we struggle with at all special occasions. WHAT TO WEAR???

After working in health and social care for 10 years, where I wore jeans and a t shirt most days, then being a SAHM, my wardrobe is rather lacking, to put it nicely 😦

Clothes shopping has become a horrible experience for me recently. I’m not sure why but I just feel that everything I try on recently makes me look hideous and/or fat! I’m not saying that for sympathy by the way, just explaining why I really really didn’t want to go shopping for a new dress. So I did it the old fashioned way! And by that I mean I made one.

Due to my current body/self esteem issues I chose a pattern that I had used before

I used view A but didn’t use an overskirt and made thicker straps so that I could wear a bra underneath.

After scouring the internet I bought this gorgeous fabric from Sew Scrumptious. Not only is it purple but it has DEER on it! What’s not to like?? Plus the lady who runs the shop is lovely. (She didn’t pay me to say that by the way. This is all my own opinion)

Here I am torn between wanting to show you and the fear of being judged. Judged on what I’m not entirely sure. But I’ll try to ignore that.

So who wants to see my finished dress?


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