Squeaky clean

Saturday evening we ran out of washing up liquid. Now we should have seen this coming as the bottle by the sink was getting lower and lower. However the last time we bought washing up liquid we bought a HUGE bottle and had been decanting into a smaller one, so we were a bit surprised that we had actually run out! Luckily I remembered reading how the lovely Team Pugh had made some and after a quick inventory turns out we had all the ingredients except the lavender oil which we just decided to omit.

The recipe (which we halved as our bottle wasn’t big enough to hold the volume made by Team Pugh) is as follows:

850ml of boiling water

1 tablespoon of soda crystals

1 tablespoon of grated soap

1 tablespoon of vinegar

2 drops of lavender oil

A squeeze of lemon juice

Here are our lovely ingredients all lined up in anticipation

The grater is an old one which is not used for food, and the wine in the background was confiscated from my mum after I found out a boy younger than me had given it to her!!!**

So soap grated

Then all the ingredients were thrown together lovingly mixed in a big bowl.

We left it to cool down overnight and were a bit worried that we had ruined it when it looked almost set (like a jelly) on Sunday morning. Thankfully a bit of a whisk with a fork and it was fine. Next time however we wont leave it quite as long before decanting it.

Hubby has done the washing up with it quite a few times now and he is pretty impressed. No more shop bought washing up liquid for us here at a lifetime of DIY – homebrew all the way 🙂

**don’t worry about the wine. My mum doesn’t actually drink wine and it was a thank you for giving the boy in question a lift home, saving him a bus trip while on crutches. I am not really that mean! 😉

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