Balancing the scales

I’m in a bit of a panic today. Hubby has challenged me to a competition. A weight loss competition. I have been trying for months to get under the next stone but nothing seems to work. I lose 2lbs one week and put it on again the following week. I even joined a gym 2 months ago (special offer) in an effort to lose half a stone. I must admit I do feel that my tummy area has a smaller wobble than it did before I joined, but the scales are not showing any progress at all. Now before you all start I know muscle weighs heavier than fat but trust me that is NOT what is going on here 😦 there is no way I have developed 4lbs worth of muscle already.


Hubby too has decided he needs to lose a bit of weight after starting to cycle to work to save on train fare. And that’s fine by me. Then this happened:

Me: “We could both do with losing a bit of weight”
Hubby: “We could do it together”
Me: “Good idea. We could encourage each other which will keep us both on the straight and narrow” although what I was actually thinking was “I’m going to have to make more of an effort now or he’ll lose more than me!” Competitive? Moi?? 😉
Obviously thinking the same, hubby says “okay, that’s decided then- first one to lose a stone is the winner!”

I could hear myself agreeing before I could stop myself.

And that’s how I am sat here having just signed myself up for the Race for Life in a month (what on earth was I thinking?) and about to finish off the trifle that is in the fridge – well it has to go before my diet starts tomorrow! Can you tell? 😉

Wish me luck!

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