Making space for new memories

We have been busy bees here. We have so much *stuff* it’s ridiculous. We couldn’t move in the attic thanks to all the boxes and boxes up there. Some boxes had clothes little lady wore when she was a baby (she’s now 5!!).

Hubby managed to force his way into the attic and started moving boxes around to make some space and brought boxes down for us to sort and declutter (before the ceiling caved in!). Sorting these boxes took a whole day but here they are in a pile in the corner of the front room.

I booked a table at a kidsmarket, sent the kiddies to my mums and packed the car up. We had two rails full of clothes.


A table of toys and teddies and bigger stuff on the floor in front of the table.

We sold quite a lot and made a decent amount of money. This was surprising considering hubby kept selling things for 10p! But the attic is a LOT tidier an emptier. We still have more baby items to sell but we have another market in the pipeline plus I think I might try out the Facebook selling pages everyone keeps talking about.

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