In a jam

This last birthday I was very spoilt. Not only did I get 4 fruit trees in the post

I was also lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a new-to-me jam maker.

I have been eyeing up this gadget for about 2 years but have always decided against getting one due to the cost. However, my lovely hubby found a reasonably priced, hardly used, second hand one and snapped it up. All without telling me….naughty boy keeping secrets….but we’ll let him off this time.
This week hubby has worked a lot of late shifts meaning I have a bit of time to myself after the little people are in bed. This meant jam making time!!!! I have to admit it was a bit of a faff chopping up all the strawberries but once that was done it was so easy. Look at it all bubbling away

Excellent. While that was bubbling nicely I suddenly remembered how we had recycled all those jars I had been keeping ‘just in case’ Argh!! So the hotchpotch of jars I did manage to find (two branston pickle jars and 4 little blackberry jelly jars) went in the oven to be sterilised.

The tricky bit I have always found is checking the setting point. This was a much easier job with the jam maker as it beeps when it’s ready! Yay! Still need to check the setting point though.

Ooh not quite! Back in for another 5 minutes and bingo!

Lovely jars full of homemade jam. Okay so I spilled a lot trying to get it in the jars. I have pondered (loudly and repeatedly) to hubby that maybe I need a funnel to make the bottling (jar-ing??) less messy. Lets hope he gets the hint (tee hee!). Now only one thing left to do (apart from tidying up but we’ll skip over that bit)

Try it of course.

And I am very happy to report that the toast was very well received by the little people. Apparently, I am also told that two of the little jars jumped into Mamgu’s bag when she came to visit. I must keep a better eye on them next time she comes to visit 😉

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