Spring Green blog swap

Last month I signed up to my very first blog swap. The lovely Char set up the swap and was very nice to me and my naivety as I had never done anything like this before. Basically the rules were you had to stick to the theme (spring green) and not spend over £5. I was partnered with Kel. So what did I get her? And more importantly 😉 what did I get?

When the parcel came baby D was very interested in it as the contents had been wrapped in lovely bright “sweetie” wrapping. He opened them and was very disappointed to find that actually it wasn’t sweets. I, on the other hand, was over the moon when I saw these.

There was a sewing kit which contained all these very useful items.

Some green and yellow ribbon, green buttons and yellow buttons (it was getting late when I took these on my phone, so the colours are not so good)

A ball of bright green wool

And two of these

Yes I did say two. Baby D pounced on them as soon as he saw them. Funny how he knows they are chocolate when he hasn’t seen them before! I had to rescue this one for little lady or he would have eaten both.

A big thank you to Char for organising the blog swap but mainly Thank you so much to Kel for my fantastic presents. I kind of feel that what I sent Kel was a bit understated. I hope she liked it?!

3 thoughts on “Spring Green blog swap

  1. Of course I loved it! I was so impressed by the work you put in and it’s a gorgeous and very useful thing! I was a bit worried about your sewing kit – thought it might be a big basic and rubbish for someone who actually knew how to use such a thing! But I thought the chocolate would go down well…. 😉

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