Belated Mother’s Day celebrations

I know Mother’s Day here in Wales (and the rest of the UK obviously) was last Sunday but as hubby’s parents decided to surprise us last week, my mum and I made a date for today. My sister even came home from “the other side of the bridge” to join in the celebrations.

My mum is the hardest person to buy for on Mother’s Day. She will not have “overpriced” flowers, chocolates are a no-no til after Lent and when asked she will tell you she wants “nothing”!!! So this year we decided to do something a bit different. A “at home afternoon tea”.

I was lucky enough to be invited to afternoon tea last year when a friend celebrated a “big” birthday so I knew I needed sandwiches, cakes and scones.


Ooh and a nice outfit.


A good time was had by all especially baby D who enjoyed all the goodies being at an accessible height on the coffee table. And I think the goodies went down well too.


Now who wants to come and do the washing up??

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