Conscious Living – Electricity


Tuesday night while putting baby D to bed our power went out. Not just ours but the whole village.

Little lady who was downstairs at the time, didn’t seem bothered at all as she was playing on my iPad, which had luckily been charged the night before. The power came back on within 5 minutes and all was well again but, while searching for candles and matches in case of a repeat, it made me think – how reliant are we on electricity?

Say the power cut had lasted the rest of the evening. We have enough candles to give us light but the lighter only had a small amount of gas in it. Little lady and baby D had both had their tea but I had decided to wait til hubby got home. With an induction hob and an electric oven we would have very little meal choice. Microwave meals would be out of the question as would something as simple as toast.

Then what about entertainment? The iPad would only last so long before needing charging, dvd’s or cd’s are a non starter, I wouldn’t even be able to do the ironing (probably not something I would be upset about 😉 )

Our baby monitors are plugged in and using electric, as is the computer. My iPhone needed charging and our landline is also plugged into the wall.

The shower is electric although thankfully if I did manage to wash my hair, the style is not one which needs blow drying and straightening!


A huge percentage of what we do these days use electricity. It would be a huge lifestyle choice to live without it. So what can we do to reduce the amount we use without going without altogether?

Solar panels offer a way of making your own electricity but are very expensive to install as are windmills, with no guarantee of making enough for what you need. So how can we cut down?

We recently acquired an energy monitor but haven’t used it yet. That would be useful in telling us where we use the most electricity and possibly highlight where we can cut down. Maybe it’s time for it to come out of the box. I’ll keep you posted…

PS I know these pictures aren’t really relevant but the village looked so pretty under all the snow I thought I’d share them with you.

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