Dining Chairs

The dining room is probably the best room in the house, condition wise. Apart from the odd bit of peeling paper:

nothing really needs doing in there.

Apart from our dining furniture that is.

In my wisdom, some years ago I bought a lovely wood dining table and chairs with white seat covers. In my defence there was just the 2 of us. However, since having the kiddies, the chairs are now a grey/off white colour with different food stains on them for good measure.

The table and chairs are in good condition and still suit our lifestyle so recovering the chairs is far more economical than buying new.

Now don’t tell the hubby but I have a HUGE fabric stash in the attic. Okay, so hubby does know but only cos he had to put it up there 😉

While rummaging around in boxes looking for something else (naturally) I found a lovely yellow check cotton which would go well with the decor already in the dining room.

Hubby very bravely, let me play with the staple gun. A decision he probably regretted once I trapped my thumb in the handle!!

Well at least I didn’t staple it to the chair!!!

One bruised thumb and a purple nail later, I had 4 brand new looking dining chairs at no cost to me. I even had enough fabric left over to make a table runner (although the picture below actually shows my christmas tablecloth)


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