New year’s Resolutions

I don’t really like the term “new year resolutions”. Resolutions are something you make on the 31st December and have broken by the 31st January. Instead I prefer to make a list of everything I would like to accomplish during the course of that particular year. Last year my list comprised of things like “have a healthy savings pot” (failed) and “buy a new-to-me car” (check!) hmmmm…..I wonder if they could be linked???????

There are a few things on my list already for 2013. A lot of these are things that need doing around the house that have been ignored for the past year or so. These include:

1) finish fireplace


2) Embroider 2nd curtain (no I still haven’t got round to doing that!)


3) curtains for baby D’s bedroom. He just has blackout blinds at the minute which we had to cut to size and a sliver of light gets through around the edges.

4) grow more veg than we did last year

That’s not all we grew mind. This greenhouse was full by the end of summer. 🙂

5) recover both settees. At the minute we have one blue one and one orange one. We would like them to eventually be the same colour.

I do have much much more on my list but I wouldn’t want to bore you lovely people too much in one go. I’m sure you’ll hear about them in posts throughout the coming year.

Happy new year all xx

2 thoughts on “New year’s Resolutions

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