Rag Wreath

So it’s December and we are officially on the countdown to Christmas. We’ll skip over the fact that I’ve been counting down since….ooh well since about the summer!! Following on from my last post I am going to show you how to make this:

Rag wreath

I’m sure you’ve all guessed that it’s a rag wreath.

They are really easy to make they just takes time. And I think mine looks stunning. Yes I’m biased as I made it but I think it looks fab hanging on the back of our door. It is kind of a shame that we live on a main road and I can’t hang it on the front door but at least this way I get to see it all the time. Here’s how to make your own.

*Please note that the pictures showing how to make it were taken after this one was finished so the pictures show different fabrics. Hope you don’t mind my disorganisation.*

First off you’ll need a circle.

Wire circle

I bought this one but you can easily make one out of a wire coat hanger or similar.

Chose your fabric (this may be the hardest part) and cut out your strips. Hubby worked out that I needed just over 450 strips of this size to fill the wreath and that’s a LOT of cutting out.

Fabric strips

Once you have all your strips cut out, start tying them to the circle in whatever pattern you want. I put all my strips in a bowl and pulled them out randomly but it’s up to you.

Tied to circle

Keep going til you fill the circle. Hint: the more strips you tie the fuller the wreath looks so keep squashing them up and adding a few more when you get to the end of a section.

Once complete tie a ribbon to the top and make a loop big enough to hang the wreath. Hang your wreath and stand back to admire it.

Rag wreath

Simple when you know how isn’t it?

Making what you need

This was a topic covered by the lovely Jenni over at A Cheerful Living Adventure. She talked about making things you would otherwise buy and thought it would be nice to share with you the things that I have made.

Today I would like to talk underwear. Ooh err! I feel slightly embarrassed already.

Underwear as the name suggests is worn (by me anyway!) under the clothes and is therefore not regularly seen by your average joe public (unless you are a builder or a plumber in which case it may be in the job description 😉 ). So why spend a lot of money on something that is only going to be seen by:

  • yourself,
  • (possibly) your immediate family and
  • (God forbid) the emergency services (in which case you probably won’t be in a state to care)

So why then do some places think they can charge the earth for a decent set of underwear?

And by “decent” I mean knickers that cover your bum.

However, mass production’s version of “knickers that cover your bum” mainly consist of so-called “granny knickers” and having only just slid kicking and screaming into my *shhh* 30’s I am not quite ready to go down that road just yet.

If I can’t have a nice, comfortable, reasonably priced set of underwear then I will make my own. Which I did.

Want to see??


This was my actually my second attempt at making a bra. The first attempt fitted but was a bit more “sensible”.

These were also made using the same pattern although they look much bigger due to the colour of the fabric.


Okay they look massive. I’m not actually that big in that area. Am I???*scurries off to check rear end in the mirror*

What have you made recently?