My sister lives on her own in a county far, far away (Gloustershire I think, but I could be wrong – English counties are not my specialist subject)

She says she likes living on her own.

She says she likes the peace and quiet.

But as someone who finds her own company extremely boring, I find that hard to believe. With that in mind I decided to make her a friend.

Meet Charlie the chicken

Here she is sitting on my mat in front of the fire before setting off on her journey.

Charlie now lives a very happy (free range) life in Englandshire with my sister.

Do you have any handmade friends?

3 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. Tee hee, love charlie chicken!

    I have a few handmade friends… One is a pigeon the size of a turkey and shape of a seal, which I knitted for my partner just before we got together (I know how to win a man over, I tell you!). The other is a replica of my friend’s dog – you can see him here if you like, he’s very cheerful
    Again – just like the real thing but less work! x

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