Cake or Death?

Please excuse me for stealing a quote directly from Eddie Izzard for my title, but that’s exactly how I’ve felt this week. You see, on Friday it was my little lady’s 5th birthday and I wanted to make her a special cake.

Last year she had a HUGE Peppa Pig cake made by a friend of my mum’s.

This year I have been baking a lot more and decided that I wanted to be the one to make her cake. And I knew the exact cake I wanted to make her.

Now this cake was not an ordinary cake. This was a Rainbow Cake.

Yes I was definitely stretching myself.

As I have mentioned before I am now back at work so had to bake them in the evening. I made 3 (2 cakes and a practice one just in case) Tuesday evening and a further 4 Wednesday evening. I was caked out! Or should that be baked out?? And very stressed.

6 cakes in the freezer with a spare one to practice icing. (Oops we “kind of” ate that one!)

I am definitely more of a “leave it til the last minute” kind of girl so I only remembered to get them out of the freezer Friday night! That meant I couldn’t ice them unitl Saturday morning, along with cooking party food, fighting a losing battle trying to calm a very excited just-turned-5-year-old, cleaning the house ready for the in-laws to arrive, decorating the hall and organising the set-up of a bouncy castle! Phew I’m tired just thinking about it!

So how did it turn out?

The cakes stacked nicely but the icing left a lot to be desired. After the 3rd time of re-doing the icing I was running out of time so a bit of improvisation was called for. Using the spare icing and some food colouring I cut out stars and stuck them to the cake to hide the icing flaws.

Some spare stars were stuck to the top and using writing icing I spelt out “Seren 5” She loved it!

But the moment of truth came at the party after singing “Happy Birthday”. Hubby cut a slice from the cake to see if it had worked.

And IT HAD!!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! Okay it’s not exactly like the Martha Stewart one but I didn’t use the same recipe so that’s to be expected I suppose.

Although I must say………..I am never baking that cake EVER AGAIN!

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