The carpet in the front room had to go. There was nothing *really* wrong with it if you don’t mind a bright red carpet that doesn’t hoover very well! It was a bit too much disruption for me to rip the whole carpet up so hubby decided to do it himself while I was away with work, bless him.

Helped by my little lady he pulled up the carpet to discover this:

Nice huh?

You’ll be glad to know that we were not planning on keeping this flooring. We had made use of a wickes sale about a month earlier and already had the laminate flooring stacked in boxes behind the settee.

Well where else would you keep them???

With little lady in school and a bit of time on his own, hubby managed to lay most of the new floor with enough work left over for little lady to have a little turn so she could tell me how she had laid the whole floor with daddy!

And the result?

A lovely new floor and a very tired little girl admiring her handiwork. 😀