Curtains continued…

While we’re on the subject of curtains I want to show you this.

These 3 pictures hang on the wall in our bedroom. Do you like them? 

Hubby made them out of a pair of curtains. Can you believe that?

We needed some curtains for our bedroom but we were struggling to find some. We eventually found some in the reduced section in Dunelm Mill but the packet was open and a sticker on them saying “one missing”. Oh dear. I can’t be doing with only one curtain. Searching through we found another set in the reduced section. On asking an assistant what was wrong with the 2nd pair she said they were mismatched.

“Go on” she said “I’ll let you have both sets for the reduced price of one. Maybe you can make a pair out of them if you know someone who’s good with a sewing machine”.

“As it happens”, I said “I do” 😉

2 sets of missing/ mismatched/ unknown quality curtains sold to the mad woman in the purple coat.

Back at home I pulled out both sets of curtains to see if I could botch, I mean fashion, a pair from them. Luckily for me, the one without a partner matched one of the mismatched pair giving me a perfect pair of curtains with one left over.

What to do with the lonely one???

“Aha!” said hubby and wandered off with the odd curtain.

A bit of hammering and a play with the staple gun later and we have a set of unique artwork in our bedroom.

Thrown in free with a pair of curtains. Now there’s a bargain! 😀


Now the windows in the front room had no curtains and frankly we had no money to buy brand new ones. We live right on the main road, 2 doors up from the start of the village shops so we needed curtains. A friend had been given a pair of plain cream/off white curtains which she didn’t want so she offered them to us.

Lovely. Nothing spectacular but we now had something to preserve our modesty in the evenings while we sat reading/watching DVD’s in our pyjamas.

Every evening while shutting the curtains I would look at how plain they were and wonder what to do with them. Taking inspiration from our new (handmade of course) lampshade I took one curtain down and drew a rough design in pencil.

After rummaging around in my craft stuff upstairs I found some brown embroidery thread and started embroidering the design using a simple back stitch.

Being a SAHM to a little person, means I only have time to sew while he’s asleep and even then it has to compete with the hundreds of other jobs that need doing!

So a week and a half later, and a visit to the local craft shop to buy more thread, I had one finished curtain. It doesn’t look too shabby even if I do say so myself!

What do you guys think? Not bad for a pair of curtains that will cost less than £4 when finished!!!

Just need to find the motivation to finish the second one now. Hmmm…………..