After painting – a neutral white with the chimney breast as a feature wall in ‘mocha’ (using left over paint from another project naturally) – came the first job – the fireplace.

Hubby and I have dreams of sitting on a cold winter night in front of a blazing open fire. Smart dream with 2 young kiddie winks? Answers on a postcard please.

 What do we have in situ? An uncentered hole covered by a piece of MDF screwed to the wall.

Don’t you just love DIY-ers who can’t?

 So plan of action –

  • find a fire surround keeping with the Victorian-ish features of the room
  • get chimney swept
  • enlarge hole to make it more centred
  • buy grate for our lovely new open fire

 Easy right?


 It all started swimmingly enough. After a tip from a friend we visited a charity shop warehouse that sells all the furniture that is too big and bulky to fit in a normal high street charity shop. Hubby and I were in our element. The furniture was fabulous, okay some of it still smelt of mothballs, but the majority was in really good condition. The best thing about the shop was that it had links with the council which allowed families who could not afford furniture to exchange vouchers for say a settee or a dining table. Social conscience – check!

 After a good look around – for research purposes naturally 😉 we found the perfect fireplace for our room and it was only £30! We snapped it up. Maybe a bit too keenly though as while we were carrying it outside it dawned on us that it may be too big to fit in the car. Oops.

 A lot of huffing and puffing and jiggling and wiggling and rearranging and it was in. It may never come back out but it was in.

 Here it is. At home. In pride of place.           


 Oh and see that mirror? £80 down to £2.50 but that’s another story! Bit of stain on it and it’ll match perfectly.

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